Ebube Dike (Hail My Jesus) by Avanti Uzor ft Dare David

Verse One:

you pay the price for me,
lay down your life on calvary,
you no dey tire for my matter,
you’re always by my side,
you no dey fail me,
na you dey help me,
baba I throw way salute eeh,
my rock my shelter,
constant provider,
I will lift you higher.


Hail my Jesus! (ebube, ebube, ebube dike) 2x
Come on give him glory( ebube, ebube, ebube dike)
Chi oma eh! ( ebube, ebube, ebube dike)

Verse Two: by Dare David

ooh you are the first,
and the last,
ancient of days is your name,
you are my strong tower,
you are my comforter,
nothing too hard for youuuu,
I give you twale,
your name is yahweh,
always making a way,
your name is powerful,
you’re so wonderful,
we bow before your throne.


Hail my Jesus! (ebube, ebube, ebube dike)
Ebube, Ebube, Ebube dike (4x)


lord we hail you(we hail you 6x Igwe) oh lord we praise you(we praise you 6x igwe) oh lord we love you(we love you 6x Igwe) Hail(ebube ebube ebube dike 2x) we hail you 6x Igwe